Monday, 9 March 2015

ORCHID and SCOPUS : organize your research profile

When your research activities happen across multiple sources, it can be a challenge to organize and distinguish your work from that of others. The solution? Establish an ORCID record so you can better manage this challenge., a non-profit community-driven organization, offers a transparent way for you to link your research activities and outputs to one unique identifier. Through a partnership between Scopus and, you can connect your Scopus author ID and publication records with your ORCID identifier. Once the two IDs are linked, visitors to your Scopus Author Profile page can click on your ORCID number to access your complete author record in ORCID. Click here to review and send your Scopus Author details to ORCID
Watch this short video to learn more about Scopus and ORCID.
Tip: Scopus allows you to search for an author by ORCID number. From ‘Author Search’ go to the ORCID box and enter the ID you wish to find.
Learn more about ORCID on their website, visit ORCID’s news page, or follow ORCID on Twitter