Thursday, 26 September 2013

Utopia: connecting pdf content to the web

Finding, reading, and citing articles can be the most time-consuming part of scientific research. Utopia Documents v2.2  (@utopiadocs) is a freeware research utility that makes this easier by offering a PDF reader with built-in exploration tools that connects the static content of scientific pdf articles to the live web content.
Although it can be considered as a direct competitor to services like Zotero and ReadCube Utopia Docs is both similar and different. Initially it looks like a PDF reader, and while it be used as one, it lacks simple features such as annotations and highlights. Its strength lies in the sidebar, where extra live web-linked  information is listed about every pdf article loaded. Here you can find and open related articles and create and link to citations.  Start by loading a PDF from a desktop or pasting a PDF URL. 
Utopia Docs works only with PDFs and you will still need a pdf reader and indepth citation tool.