Thursday, 5 March 2009

NCBI Bookshelf : eTextbooks for Science

Biomedical science eTextbooks on the NCBI Bookshelf include:

  • Berg, G. and Stryer, L. (2002) Biochemisty. New York: Freeman.

  • Dean, L. (2005) Blood Groups and Red Cell Antigens. National Library of Medicine

  • Cooper, G.M. (2000) The Cell - A Molecular Approach. Sunderland (MA). Sinauer.

  • Brown, T.A. ( 2002). Genomes 2. London: Garland Science

  • Strachan, T (1999) Human Molecular Genetics 2. London: Garland Science.

  • Janeway, C.A. (2001) Immunobiology. London: Garland Science

  • Griffiths, A.F.F. (1999) Introduction to Genetic Analysis. New York: Freeman

  • Baron, S. (1996) Medical Microbiology. Galveston (TX) : University of Texas

  • Griffiths, A.J.F. (1999) Modern Genetic Analysis. New York: Freeman

  • Alberts, B. (2002) Molecular Biology of the Cell. London: Garland Science

  • Lodish, H. (1999) Molecular Cell Biology. New York: Freeman

  • Varki, A. (2008) Essentials of Glycobiology. 2nd ed. Plainview (NY) Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.

The NCBI Bookshelf is a growing collection of biomedical books that can be searched directly by typing a concept into the textbox above and selecting Go. See 'New on the Bookshelf" too. Hardcopy versions are also available in Kevin St Library at DIT Library Catalogue