Friday, 1 April 2016

Arrow@DIT: Institutional Repository update

In February 2016 ARROW@DIT had 87430 full-text downloads and 59 new submissions were posted, bringing the total works in the repository to 9017. Dublin Institute of Technology scholarship was read by 655 institutions across  197 countries. 

The most popular papers were:
  1. An Introduction to Taking Off Building Quantities: an Irish Approach (3488 downloads)
  2. Structural Equation Modelling: Guidelines for Determining Model Fit (1689 downloads)
  3. The Effects of Terrorism on the Travel and Tourism Industry (1681 downloads)
The most popular publications were: 
  1. School of Surveying & Construction Management Other Resources (9980 downloads)
  2. School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Conference papers (2692 downloads)
  3. Irish Journal of Applied Social Studies (2663 downloads)

Digital Commons Network
Arrow is part of the Digital Commons Network of Institutional Repositories (456 university repositories) which can now be crossed searched and browsed by subject. Popularity is determined by the number of downloads per author or institution in these areas.