Friday, 23 January 2015

Europe PubMed Central: take the new Quick Tour for students and researchers

Europe PMC is a free database of biomedical and health research literature. The resource provides access to over 30 million abstracts and more than 3 million full text articles (see below). Additionally, the details of more than 44 000 biomedical research grants are available.

A new Quick Tour of Europe PMC is now available and aims to give a basic understanding of Europe PMC and its use, which makes it an ideal resource for final year undergrad students working on a project or postgraduate researchers.

Europe PMC content

Europe PMC provides access to all the abstracts in PubMed, as well as other sets of abstracts not available through PubMed (e.g. Agricola and Chinese Biological Abstracts). It also provides access to  other literature content of relevance to biomedical research such as PhD theses and patents.