Monday, 17 February 2014

Irish Times update

Just to clarify access to the Irish Times via DIT Library - there have been a few queries and some confusion recently:

DIT Library’s subscription to the Irish Times Archive is still available as is the access to the to the Irish Times website. 
However access is no longer available via DIT Library to the e-paper now called the 'digital edition' due to a change in the Irish Times' supplier. Access via an individual subscription is available at a 75% discount for DIT staff and students - if interested contact Briege McAtee for more details.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Science and Engineering eBooks

InTech eBooks are now available to browse at Choose from over 2300 science and engineering titles.

Access available to ITB & ITT Libraries for DIT staff & students

DIT staff and students can now visit the libraries at  ITB (Institute of Technology Blanchardstown) and ITT (Institute of Technology Tallaght) by simply producing their DIT ID cards. No letter of introduction is required. They may visit the libraries and use the print materials there for reference purposes. Use the links above to see the library collections and opening hours.

Books cannot be borrowed and three libraries may have to refuse admission during busy times e.g. during exams. In return, ITB and ITT staff and students can visit DIT libraries.

DIT visitors to ITT and ITB can still access DIT Library eJournals, databases and eBooks using the Eduroam service on their own mobile device or laptop whilst using the other libraries. For more information on connecting to Eduroam as a DIT staff or student see:
The increased access is a pilot and will be kept under review.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Science Direct database upgrade

ScienceDirect has been upgraded to make it easier to find relevant articles and books, read an article online, see linked and cited by content,  discover open access content and export to Mendeley. The new release has four key upgrades:
  • A simplified user experience, with less visual clutter and improved design
  • Better visibility of open access content
  • Quicker discovery of relevant ScienceDirect content from search engines
  • Seamless export of citations and full-text articles to Mendeley

To learn more about this ScienceDirect update see their Twitter feed

Friday, 7 February 2014

Engineering Village updates and help guides

To make using the  Engineering Village database easier see the
 latest enhancements for current and new users:
  • AutoSuggest - helps users find terms using the Ei Thesaurus
  • New Download - Excel, CSV, PDF and RTF formats are now available
  • Mendeley Web Importer - one click imports results to Mendeley
  • What's New - provides a summary of the latest updates
Finding search terms can be difficult especially for novice users. AutoSuggest helps researchers find terms quickly by displaying a list of suggested engineering terms from the 20,000 terms within the most trusted engineering Thesaurus available, Ei Thesaurus.

With the addition of Microsoft Excel, Engineering Village added 4 new formats in the last few months. PDF, CSV and RTF (support Microsoft Word© were added at the end of last year.
It's now easier than ever to import Engineering Village results directly onto Mendeley. The Mendeley browser bookmarklet tool is required. You can get the bookmarklet by creating a free account at