Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Chemicalize (from ChemAxon) is a free web application offering the following:

Chemicalize’s Webpage & Document Viewers allows viewing of any webpage with all recognized chemical information highlighted and 2D structure images shown when moused over. Recognized formats are IUPAC names, common names, InChI and SMILES identifiers.

The Chemicalize Properties Viewer displays stucture based predictions for any chemical structure. These include partitioning and protonation coefficients, names and identifiers, prediction of isomerism and tautomerism, as well as charge distribution and Huckel analysis, prediction of hydrogen bonding properties.

Chemicalize Chemical Search lets you perform substructure, similarity or full structure searches on the chemicalize.org structure database and find web page sources and associated structures of the results. 
Web Search is a combined text and chemical search engine. With it you can find chemical structures on the internet and you can search for molecules in context. Chemical structures found on the search result web pages are displayed as 2D structure images so you can choose the best result.

A lot of similarities with ChemSpider, but maybe worth a look.