Friday, 8 March 2013

Dublin Digital Day today

Digital day is the official first step on a road to a Digital Masterplan for the city region, a plan which will be a platform and framework for the city regions digital future.Basecamp for Digital Day is the Mansion House. A ‘pop up’ event space will be created in the forecourt of the Mansion House and events include:

- DubLinked – an open data showcase on enabling data-driven innovation
- eCommerce demonstrations
- Electric Ireland e-Cars onsite
- TechSpace – editing and displaying video interviews with citizens in at public WiFi locations
- Intel displaying current digital research in the area of Smart Technology and Intelligent Living
- Onsite digital survey (open to the public with real time display of citizen opinion)
- ‘The Vibes of Ireland’ – twitter visualisation – A
- displaying what music local Dubliners are listening to.
- DIT HotHouse – Promoting innovation and technologies
- Walk Dublin App – find out about an App that helps you navigate the city
- Disaster Tech Lab – Rapid response wireless communication services for use in disaster hit areas