Thursday, 11 October 2012

Printing Help Sessions @ Kevin St Library

Need help with getting the best from the RICOH printing service? Not sure how to print from webcourses, print from your laptop, print in colour, on A3 etc?  Help sessions will be taking place in the library at the following times to get you sorted:

Tuesday 16th October:      12.30-1.15pm
Tuesday 23rd October :     12.30-1.15pm
Wednesday 31st October: 12.30-1.15pm
Thursday 1st November:   12.30-1.15pm

Student Printers are also at the following locations around the Kevin St Campus:
  • Snackery (1st floor Annexe)
  • A114 (1st floor Annexe)
  • Beside Room 405 (4th floor Main Building)
  • Beside the lift (1st floor backstairs Main Building)
 For more information on Dit student printing see the Ricoh link.