Friday, 20 November 2009

New ebook titles now available

New ebooks ordered by Kevin St Library include the following titles just in:

  1. Advances in Hydrogen Energy

  2. Sustainable Development & Innovation in the Energy Sector

  3. Photovoltaic Solar Energy Generation

  4. Solar Electric Power Generation:Photovoltaic Systems

  5. Offshore Wind Energy: Research on Environmental Impacts

  6. Fueling our Future: Introduction to Sustainable Energy

  7. Sustainability Science & Engineering: Defining Principles.

  8. Light, Water, Hydrogen: Solar Generation of Hydrogen

  9. Emerging Environmental Technologies.

  10. Vision 2050 Roadmap for a Sustainable Earth

  11. Post-Oil Energy Technology: World's First Solar Hydrogen Power Plant

  12. Biofuels. Wiley Series in Renewable Resources.

  13. Fuel Cells: Modeling, Control, and Applications

  14. Solar Energy: Renewable Energy and the Environment
Access via the DIT Library website (click on MyiLibrary) or search by title on the DIT Library catalogue. More ebooks are due in next week....