Thursday, 9 April 2009

Getting to grips with Irish twisters

While tornadoes are primarily associated with the US, they are also recognised as part of the Irish weather pattern. After a winter in which it seemed as though storms were a constant companion, you’d be forgiven for concluding that the weather is getting worse. However, in the case of tornadoes at least, a sense of calm prevails. Not only has the number of tornadoes occurring declined over the past year but the strength of them has also decreased, according to Dr John Tyrrell, a climatologist at the department of geography at University College Cork and head of the Tornado and Storm Research Organisation (Torro).

Tyrrell revealed that while there was a substantial rise in the number of tornadoes reported last year, just four were declared genuine. While tornadoes are primarily associated with the US, Ireland has had as many as nine of them a year in the past, with some causing considerable damage. To find out more read Charlie Taylor's article at