Monday, 26 January 2009

Biological Sciences at Intute - new coverage

Improved and extended coverage of the Biological Sciences in Intute

The Intute: Biological Sciences section was launched in January 09 containing more than 600 Web resources. A wide variety of resource types have been evaluated and included in the collection:

Image libraries and movies (e.g the Microscope Imaging Station)
Virtual Laboratories (e.g The HHMI Virtual Immunology Lab)
Educational Animations (e.gThe Virtual Cell Animation Collection)
Tutorials (e.g Construction of a DNA Library)
Seminars (e.g the American Institute of Biological Sciences Annual Meeting )
Lectures (e.g Connecting Concepts - interactive lessons in biology)
OpenCourseware material (e.g MIT OpenCourseWare Molecular Biology)
Wiki and other Web 2.0 resources (e.g MicrobeWiki and MicrobiologyBytes)
Open access journals and full-text reports (e.g BMC Cell Biology)

You can either search or browse for content and if you would like us to evaluate a resource for possible inclusion, then please submit it. If you want to keep up-to-date with what is being added to the collection, then why not subscribe to our latest additions RSS News Feed at